Dooble is a browser that will allow you to view web pages without having to worry about your privacy. Browse Internet without any problems thanks to Dooble

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The amount of web browsers available increases each day, and to try to stand out a little bit more than the rest of rival projects, the majority of modern browser center their development on specific aspects of the browsing experience, like the privacy in when speaking about Dooble.

  This open course browser uses the WebKit browsing engine that has been specially designed to protect the user's privacy, at the same time that is has been developed to be more compact and flexible while maintaining the program's stability.

  Among the features that it is worth while highlighting of Dooble you will find tab-based browsing, the integrated download manager, how easy it makes accessing each page's source code and the possibility to modify the application's code to benefit personal necessities.

  Therefore, if you want a browser that pays special attention to the user's security and privacy, that doesn't use a really high amount of resources and that is free, download and install Dooble.
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