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Flash Player Internet Explorer is a plug-in for IE that allows us to play interactive contents. Download Flash Player Internet Explorer right now for free

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Flash technology is omnipresent on the Internet. To enjoy the best possible experience while using the Internet it is necessary to be sure that you can play all the multimedia contents that you find. Adobe Flash Player for Internet Explorer is the solution.

The Internet and Flash, always hand in hand

This technology, which is present in videos, animations, menus or buttons, provides a dynamism that has never been seen before, but you'll be incapable of enjoying it if you don't have a Flash player ready for Internet Explorer. Its users have its own plug-in available: Flash Player Internet Explorer.


  • Integrates perfectly with the browser.
  • Plays high definition videos.
  • Enjoy the animations and games created with Flash.
  • Control the playback of interactive contents with the right mouse button.
  • Improve the graphic processing thanks to the compatibility with the acceleration by means of IE9 hardware.
  • Configuration panel to customize its adjustments.
  • Compatible with mobile devices.
  • On2 VP6, On2 VP6-S and H.264 video codecs.
  • High definition audio codecs: Speex, ADPCM, HE-AAC, MP3 and Nellymoser.
  • New and innovating features for programmers and website developers...

Obtain a much more sophisticated and enveloping user experience.

An essential plug-in

Not having Flash Player Internet Explorer currently implies not making the most of the possibilities offered by the Internet. Improve your online experience with this plug-in for the browser by Microsoft. Flash is an almost essential technology both for users, eager to find and live new web experiences, as well as developers, that will find a powerful tool for their projects in this download.

You can download Adobe Flash Player for Internet Explorer free and enjoy the Internet like never before.

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