SeaMonkey offers us a useful application pack, aimed at using the Internet. Download SeaMonkey for free and you will have a browser, IRC, email client...


Complete pack of applications focused on using the Internet

May 12, 2022
8 / 10

The most popular application developed by the Mozilla foundation is the Firefox browser, but this foundation offers other interesting open source applications, like SeaMonkey.

A wide range of useful tools for the web

SeaMonkey is a complete pack of applications focused on the use of the Internet, among which we can find a utility to browse based on the Gecko engine, an email client, very similar to Thunderbird, from which it is also possible to access news groups, an intuitive WYSIWYG HTML code editor and an IRC client.

Ideal for whoever wants more than what Firefox offers.

It also includes an address book and, like all the rest of Mozilla applications, it supports the use of add-ons to customize it and improve it with extra options. From any of the utilities that are part of SeaMonkey we'll be able to access the rest, whether through the menu bar or by means of keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+1, to open the browser.
  • Ctrl+2, to access the mail and news reader.
  • Ctrl+4, to launch Composer, the editor from which we can create websites.
  • Ctrl+5, to open the address book.
  • Ctrl+6, to access Chatzilla!, the application for IRC and chat.

If you usually use Firefox and Thunderbird, it's recommendable to download SeaMonkey, because you will be able to enjoy all the functions of both applications, but using less resources.

Elies Guzmán

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