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AVG Secure Browser is a browser designed by AVG for navigating the web securely without being exposed to the range of threats that are on the prowl


Safely browse the Internet

June 15, 2021
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By now everyone knows that being connected to the Internet carries with it certain risks, among which is browsing websites with a dodgy reputation. To minimize risks associated with accessing certain websites AVG has launched AVG Secure Browser, a browser designed to protect user privacy and security as its primary objective.

This is a browser based on Chromium, which is why is why it has a number of similarities to Google Chrome, for instance. This is because it has some of the built-in functions that AVG has launched using other tools, like its antivirus.

What does AVG Secure Browser offer?

This browser provides users with the following functions and main features:

  • Private browsing mode.
  • Automatic ad blocking.
  • Integrated with AVG AntiVirus and AVG Secure VPN.
  • Forced HTTPS encryption.
  • Protection against tracking scripts.
  • Browser fingerprint masking.
  • AVG product download zone.

We should remember that these days the threats are not just from viruses and other malware designed to destroy computer data but also from information theft of which the user is completely unaware. This browser will help you to block this kind of attack found on pages with suspicious behaviour.

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