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With MxNitro you can make the most of your Internet connection to browse faster. Download MxNitro for free and discover the fastest browser of all time


The fastest browser you can find

January 9, 2015
8 / 10

What do you need to be able to browse? If you're one of those users that could go without almost half the functions that modern browsers incorporate, you need to try out MxNitro. It's a minimalistic browser, much faster than you could ever imagine.

One of the fastest browsers on the market.

Maxthon MxNitro is an innovating high-performance web browser that offers us a unique browsing experience due to its great speed:

  • No heavy installs.
  • Browsing screen opens instantly.
  • Webpages load ultra-fast.

Fast, stable and minimalistic

Apart from its speed, this software offers us stable browsing from an interface without flourishes, and with just the right amount of options.

What won't you find in MxNitro?

No pop-up blockers, no add-ons, no long configuration menus. MxNitro is a browser focused on those users that want to connect to the Internet and browse webpages very quickly, without needing anything else.

Vanessa Martín

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Antony Peel