CoolNovo is a browser based on the famous Chrome developed by Google. Download CoolNovo for free to work with an improved version of the Chrome browser

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CoolNovo, previously known as ChromePlus, is a project based on Chromium, the same on which Google Chrome is based, which includes some innovations that users find much more practical when it comes to browsing.

The five main differences of CoolNovo

  1. The tabs can be closed by clicking twice.
  2. Mouse gestures. One of the things that users miss the most of Chrome is the absence of mouse gestures.
  3. Super drag. Offers us the possibility to drag a link to a tab to open the site in it.
  4. Download tools in the context menu.
  5. Shortcut icons at the bottom of the browser. That allow the user to eliminate the browsing history or quickly access the download tab.

Even though these five features differentiate CoolNovo from Google Chrome, in everything else it must be said that it works in a totally identical way, dividing each tab into an independent process to avoid problems among other many things.

Download CoolNovo to your computer for free, it's an exceptionally good browser.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires an Internet connection to complete the installation.
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