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With Qwant for Chrome, you can add to your favorite browser all the functions of the search engine that respects your privacy and your searches' neutrality

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Google is the most used Internet search engine all over the world but that doesn't mean that it's the best. In fact, the shadows lurking over the user's privacy due to how it processes our searches or the results offered for each one of our searches are quite long.

Private browsing and searching on the Internet

There are other alternatives to the Californian giant's search engine with a rather creative policy when it comes to paying taxes. One of them is Quant, a European project that has been developed trying to offer its users a project that takes care of our neutrality and privacy.

We can now add it to Chrome thanks to its extension. With Qwant for Chrome, you can carry out searches on the Internet without worrying about your history being saved, your personal details being shared with advertisers or being tracked by means of your cookies. It offers you a new home screen as well as different services such as Music, Maps or Boards.

Using the Internet doesn't necessarily involve sacrificing our privacy and Qwant is the perfect example.

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