Opera USB

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Opera USB is a portable version of one of the best browsers around. The best aspect of Opera USB is that it keeps all the power of the installable version


Take one of the best browsers wherever you go

February 26, 2016
9 / 10

Each day there are more developments that have been conceived to be launched from a pendrive or an external hard drive. These applications, known as portable apps, offer you the possibility to use your favorite tools on any computer, have your data and the chance to forget about having to install them.

Opera USB is a clear example of this kind of application. Because it offers you all the potential of one of the most complete browsers, together with the versatility of a portable tool. The program has everything that is necessary to access any website, it has an ultraquick booting and browsing system, it includes the Unite functions (that allow you to use the program as a web server, as a chatroom or to play music and videos via streaming, amongst many other things).

The interface can be customized, what's more the browser can be improved thanks to widgets and add-ons of all kinds, available from the official website.

Discover the best option to carry your favorite browser with you on a simple pendrive, by downloading Opera USB.

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Antony Peel