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The most advanced version of Microsoft's browser

September 21, 2012
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Internet Explorer 9 is one of the best-positioned web browsers in the current war waged in this field. Due to its new features and the improvements to its performance, the latest version of the Microsoft browser, has left it clear that they want to maintain the number one spot on the browser market. Furthermore, it has a renovated aspect, more modern, minimalistic, sober and simple.

New interface

Internet Explorer 9 has an improved interface that adapts perfectly to the visual style of Windows 7 and that simplifies and implements its functionality with several innovations:

  • One box: the address bar can now also be used to carry out searches.
  • Simplified browsing controls and menus: the Back button increases in size and the menus have been reduced to three unique buttons, one for the home page, another for favorites, the sources and history, and a Tools options to finish off.
  • Improved integration with Windows 7 that allows you, among other things, to lock tabs to the taskbar, with the possibility to easily access the desktop from your website.
  • New notification bar that appears at the bottom of the browser.

Other innovations

Internet Explorer 9 has improved several important features, among which you can find the performance enhancement and the new graphical processing functions. It also includes a plug-in performance assessor that allows the browser to launch and run very quickly, controlling installed complements.

With regard to security, IE 9 has an ActiveX contents filter that allows you to block the ActiveX controllers and activates only those that are reliable. And another of the security features is the SmartScreen filter that avoids browsing threats by means of efficient protection tools.

Discover the new advantages of Microsoft's browser and enjoy browsing with all the advantages offered by Internet Explorer 9.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Only runs on Windows 7.
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