QtWeb is a light web browser based on the Qt technology of Nokia and WebKit. QtWeb is quick, uses few resources and has the possibility of private browsing


Quick and lightweight browser with private browsing

February 20, 2019
7 / 10

QtWeb is a free web browser, based on the Qt cross-platform library by Nokia that uses the WebKit engine, which is also used in other browsers like Safari and Google Chrome. As main features, both its speed as well as its low system resource consumption are worth highlighting. In the fierce war between browsers, QtWeb provides private browsing and simplicity that comes in very handy.

If you still haven't found your ideal browser, try out QtWeb

This web browser is light, simple and fast. If you are looking for these features in a browser, you have to try QtWeb. It also offers the basic elements that are available in all other browsers, like tab browsing, a download manager, a history file and favorite bookmarks, as well as others that aren't so common like a torrent file download manager. Furthermore, it also offers the possibility to change the interface and use different themes that you will be able to choose from. And all this without hardly affecting the system.

QtWeb has a private browsing mode. In this mode it won't store any history file of the websites that you visit, nor the user names and passwords, nor will it show the searches you have performed in the scroll-down menus. Thus, you will be able to browse without leaving any traces behind you.

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