Save any information or reference on the Internet to be read later on thanks to Flamory, capable of creating bookmarks and captures of webs and emails


Save any web to read later

December 14, 2015
8 / 10

When we browse any web it's easy to come across many different interesting things that we want to read more about. To make sure we don't forget about them, we can always resort to Flamory that will help us keep that information in a safe place with a single click.

What kind of data does Flamory store?

The system used to save information is really visual and tremendously simple: it just creates a bookmark to which it attaches a screenshot, a selected text and a copy of the page. As easy as that.

The user can recover all the information by searching for words or scrolling down a list of thumbnail images. By double-clicking on the capture, we'll be taken to the exact place on the page where that information can be found.

Avoid missing out on the interesting things you see on the web.

You can also create captures and reminders of emails and files stored on our computer.

Elies Guzmán

With a degree in History, and later, in Documentation, I have over a decade of experience testing and writing about apps: reviews, guides, articles, news, tricks, and more. They have been countless, especially on Android, an operating system...

Antony Peel

Antony Peel