PirateBrowser removes the censorship applied to The Pirate Bay site. Access its contents freely by downloading PirateBrowser for free to be able to browse


The browser by The Pirate Bay

August 12, 2013
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Wave goodbye to censorship on the Internet. When you browse with PirateBrowser you will be able to access the pages of The Pirate Bay which certain services and governments have blocked.

Remove the government's censorship.

PirateBrowser allows you to avoid the censorship that some countries apply to the contents of The Pirate Bay site. To do so, this browser makes use of the Tor network. The truth is that the application only grants access to blocked contents, but doesn't provide you with anonymous browsing.

How to use PirateBrowser

Browsing with PirateBrowser has no secrets as it is a modified version of Firefox that is used just like any other browser. To start browsing:

  1. Launch the application and extract its contents in a folder on your hard drive.
  2. Run the "Start PirateBrowser.exe" file contained in the extracted directory.
  3. Once the application has connected to the Tor network, you can use the Firefox version included.

Download PirateBrowser for free to access The Pirate Bay's contents without restrictions.

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