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Goona Browser is a browser with which you will be able to choose between two of the best rendering engines: Gecko or WebKit. Download Goona Browser for free


Choose WebKit or Gecko with this practical browser

August 19, 2010
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Goona Browser is a new web browser, that is free and open-source, that includes two of the best rendering engines: WebKit, well known due to how light it is (used in both Chrome and Safari) and Gecko that is one of the most complete developments (integrated into Firefox).

Both of them have been chosen to form part of Goona Browser due to their great respect towards the fulfillment of browsing standards, so that the user's experience while browsing the Internet is as optimum as possible.

Open-source web browser

Some of the features of this innovating browser are its low RAM consumption, support for printing, the possibility to use a zoom in and out, tab-based browsing, saving the tabs that were opened in the last session, automatic updates, advanced download management, detailed history and favorite files,...

The second browser war mas caused many Internet users to be unsure when it came to using one rendering engine or another, try out Goona Browser and enjoy at all times the latest advances to each of them.

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