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29.4.6 Improve the performance of Firefox on Windows operating systems thanks to Pale Moon. Increase the speed of Firefox after downloading Pale Moon for free
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Millions of users rely on Firefox to browse the Internet. Despite the latter, it has several faults, and Pale Moon is here to try to polish them so that you can enjoy an improved version that maintains the aspect of the browser by Mozilla nearly intact.

Downloading Pale Moon for free will allow you to use a browser based on Firefox that includes new features that optimize its functioning and make it 25% quicker according to the people in charge of this project.

An open source browser

Pale Moon manages to boost the script procedure and reduces the use of memory by deactivating the redundant and optional code, thus it improves the website loading time. This is mainly due to the optimization of the use of the processors that have appeared over the last few years.

Simple and efficient browser.

If you're a Firefox user and you have a certain mistrust towards changes you have nothing to fear. You will be able to export your old profiles, configurations and bookmarks to Pale Moon, and at the same time it is compatible with the Firefox add-ons.

Do you use Firefox? Download and try out Pale Moon for free, a browser based on Firefox capable of increasing the performance of the original product by 25%. Import all your profile details and configurations and enjoy a version of the Mozilla browser optimized as much as possible.

Requirements and additional information:

  • You need to have an Internet connection to complete the installation.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Pale Moon Project
6 months ago
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