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XP Privacy protects the information that is stored on your PC. Download XP Privacy and avoid that cybernetic criminals have access to your PC's data


A fully fledged solution to protect your computer's private data

October 6, 2009
5 / 10

With the generalized use of the Internet, a completely new world of possibilities has opened, both for companies and for users. But also for criminals, that have modernized and don't hesitate in using the net to commit their crimes.

That is why nowadays it is necessary to use applications that manage to eliminate any hole in the system or applications that we frequently use. This way we can avoid attacks, spyware applications or our private or personal data being sent by means of the cookies. One of these programs is XP Privacy.

XP Privacy keeps your personal data safe because it scans your system in search of flaws and eliminates them.

Main features

  • Scans the main web browsers (Internet Explorer, Opera, and Firefox).
  • Thorough examination of the operating system (recent documents, recycle bin, system restore points, temporary files,... ).
  • Analysis of some of the most used applications like Windows Media Player, WinRAR, WinZip, Wordpad, etc...
  • Secure and permanent deletion of files from your hard drive.

Improve your computer's security and protect your personal files, thanks to XP Privacy.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a trial version with limited use.
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