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Start removing spyware from your PC

May 28, 2018
9 / 10

One of the computer threats that has spread the most over the last few years is spyware: applications designed to steal your personal information with illicit purposes. If you want to have a firewall against this type of attacks you need to install an application like Spybot Search & Destroy, specialized in the detection and elimination of all kinds of spyware.

The ideal complement for your antivirus.

Thanks to Spybot Search & Destroy you'll be able to cover the small security holes used as an entrance for this kind of malware programs. Whether trojans, keyloggers, dialers or other dangers, Spybot Search & Destroy is capable of detecting them by means of a deep system analysis.


  • Detect and eliminate spyware from your computer.
  • Protect the changes to the Windows registry thanks to TeaTimer.
  • Improve the security of Internet Explorer with SDHelper.
  • Obtain data about each threat, explanations and information about how dangerous they are.
  • Allows you to undo cleaning in the case of false positives.
  • Includes advanced tools to manage the programs that are loaded at the system startup, access to registry entries and solution of library problems.

The perfect combination

Spybot Search & Destroy acts together with your normal antivirus. The most normal thing is to have problems, even though there is a list of known incompatibilities created from the experience of other users.

Complete the features of your common antivirus with Spybot Search & Destroy and your PC's protection will be complete. Don't allow spyware to run amok on your PC!

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