Freda ePub eBook Reader
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Freda ePub eBook Reader is an eReader compatible with the ePub format amongst many others. You can use this reading software on Windows 8.1 and above


Read books and great stories on your PC

May 6, 2022
7 / 10

Although you shouldn't take reading on digital devices with backlighting for granted (it can hurt your eyes), all software that simplifies the distribution and reading of books is welcome. Freda Freda ePub eBook Reader is precisely that, an ePub reader for Windows 10 and 8 that you can download for free from the official Microsoft store or through our Download button that will install the APPX file directly on your PC. But its advantages go way beyond.

What could you want from a digital book reader? To start off, to save plenty of space and money. But Freda also allows us to organize, catalog, and search through our electronic library to make it easier for us to find what we really want to read. But there's more to it: this program allows us to download books whilst it also offers us webs and sources from where we can get hold of even more books. You can add your own eBooks in the following formats:

  • EPUB.
  • FB2.
  • HTML.
  • TXT.

One of its coolest aspects is that when you select a book (even if you've added it yourself) you'll be shown a picture of its cover and a short summary of its contents. And although the adverts aren't too annoying, you can get rid of them by paying a tiny amount of money. An interesting and different way of reading great stories, but be careful with your eyes.

Customizable controls, fonts, and colors, as well as notes and bookmarks.

Reading tools

Apart from the basic search and language tools, Fred offers us the possibility to customize the type, color, and size of the fonts. You can also add bookmarks wherever you want and highlight text fragments with different colors. But that's not all: you can copy text, search for words directly in a dictionary and hear the text read out loud. The voice isn't the most appealing but it doesn't sound as cold as you could imagine.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 8.1.
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