Entertainment Software for Windows

Entertain yourself with the music, movies, books and news programs that you'll be able to find in this selection of entertainment software for Windows

Netflix 6.98.1805.0 English
Netflix 6.98.1805.0

Online TV and series on demand

Shazam 13.8.2-221202 English
Shazam 0.1.45

Identify songs from your PC

Spotify English

Listen to music via streaming on your PC

You TV Player 31 English

Online TV on your PC for free

TuneIn Radio English
TuneIn Radio

Radio from all over the world on Windows

Zona English

Much more than online movies and series

Groove Music 2019.21102.11415.0 English
Groove Music 2019.21102.11415.0

Microsoft's answer to Spotify

MyIPTV Player English
MyIPTV Player

A TV player where you can set up your channel menu

TV 3L PC English

Live global television

Freezer 1.1.24 English
Freezer 1.1.24

Get free access to Deezer's catalog

Freda ePub eBook Reader English

Read books and great stories on your PC

Disney+ 2.15.1-rc3 English

The Disney service for watching movies and series online

WATCHED 1.8.3 English

Load IPTV lists and enjoy TV on your PC

vanBasco Karaoke Player 2.53 English

Become a real pop star

Bookviser Reader English

Read books in ePub format

ChrisTV Online! 11.20 English

Access all the TV and radio in the world from this brilliant program

Amazon Prime Video 3.0.335.11457 English

The Windows version of the Amazon movie and TV series app

Deezer Music English
Deezer Music

Online music streaming service for PC

FreeFlix TV Series 3.1.2 English

App to watch series for free in streaming

Stremio 4.4.142 English
Stremio 4.4.142

Online movie and series player

Book Bazaar Reader English

Your eBook collection in perfect conditions

Cover - Comic reader 3.5.901.0 English

Read your comics on your computer

YouTube TV 6.44.1 English
YouTube TV 6.44.1

YouTube's online television service

MobileSheets English

Music score reader for Windows 10

Crackle English

Online movies and TV shows for free

Mobipocket Reader 6.2 English

Your personal digital eBook library

YouTube Music Desktop 1.13.0 English

Unofficial application to enjoy YouTube Music on the PC

Rakuten TV 3.22.0 English
Rakuten TV 3.22.0

Online TV and series on demand

myTuner Radio 1.1.0 English

Listen to radio stations from all over the world

Google Play Music 4.7.1 English

Listen to all your music from your desktop

Browser Popcorn English

Local version of the Popcorn Time for browsers

TuneUp Media English
TuneUp Media

Optimize the organization of your music collection with iTunes

SonicStage CP 4.3 English
SonicStage CP 4.3

High quality music manager with Sony's guarantee

Spotify Playlist Downloader 2.0 English

Download your favorite songs from Spotify

Free YouTube Uploader English

Upload several videos to YouTube simultaneously

Exodus Redux 2.0.3 English

Kodi add-on to watch TV and series for free

Spotify English

The Spotify version that you can carry around with you

Nextgen Reader English
Nextgen Reader

News reader for Windows 10

MoviePanda 0.8.1 English
MoviePanda 0.8.1

Wide range of HD movies to watch online

Adobe Digital Editions 4.5.8 English

The software by Adobe to read eBooks

Live TV English

All the television in the world at your reach

SopCast 4.2.0 English
SopCast 4.2.0

A way of watching TV through the P2P network

MusicMatch Jukebox 10.00.4015 English
MusicMatch Jukebox 10.00.4015

A complete player and cataloger for your music

Kindle Kids’ Book Creator 1.0 English

Amazon helps you to create kids' books

Flixtor 1.0 English
Flixtor 1.0

Wide range of online movies and series

HamSphere English

Become a radio ham with your PC

Audio Speed Changer Pro English
Audio Speed Changer Pro

Speed up the playback of audio files

Readon TV Movie Radio Player English

TV channels from all over the world at your disposal

Karaoke Anything! 1.0 English

Remove vocals from songs to be able to sing them at the Karaoke

ZiggyTV 4.0 English
ZiggyTV 4.0

Access and download the best multimedia contents

Biblio 8.26 English
Biblio 8.26

A powerful library manager totally free of charge

Pluto TV 5.21.1 English
Pluto TV

More than 100 online television channels, free and legal

Epubor Ultimate English
Epubor Ultimate

Program for converting eBooks

Tubecast English

YouTube client for Windows

Torrents Time English
Torrents Time

The plug-in to use Popcorn Time in your browser

Amazon Music English
Amazon Music

The player for the music purchased on Amazon

Blockify 0.4 Lite English
Blockify 0.4 Lite

Mute the ads on Spotify

Google Play Music Manager 1.0.457.3796 English

Google's tool to upload your music to the cloud

Nook English

Enjoy your Nook books on your PC

K!TV English

Tune into your favorite TV channels on your computer

RadioSure 2.2.1046 English
RadioSure 2.2.1046

Listen to more than 12,000 radio stations from all over the world on your PC

eBook Maestro Free 1.80 English
eBook Maestro Free 1.80

Create and edit your own electronic book

RadioStar One 2.4 English

Create your own radio station on the Internet

eXtreme Movie Manager English

Organize your collection of movies and series

Crunchyroll English

Enjoy the best anime in streaming

Rising Tides English
Rising Tides

Kodi's add-on to watch live sports events

Leonflix 0.7.0 English
Leonflix 0.7.0

Free movies and series on your PC's desktop

Netflix for Chrome English

Manage Netflix like another Google Chrome application

Pelismagnet English

The Popcorn Time specialized in movies in Spanish

Popcorn Time iOS Installer 1.14 English

The easiest way to have Popcorn Time on your iPhone

TIDAL 2.32.0 English
TIDAL 2.32.0

A Spotify for demanding ears

SoundFrost 3.8.0 English
SoundFrost 3.8.0

Download music from YouTube transformed into MP3

AirParrot 2.7.5 English
AirParrot 2.7.5

Send your PC signal to a TV through Apple TV

Subsonic 6.1.6 English
Subsonic 6.1.6

Enjoy your own music via streaming

Karaoke CD+G Creator English

Create karaoke songs in CD+G format

Episode Downloader 3.1.4 English

Download your favorite TV series

Acoustic Bridge 1.01 English

Send the audio of one computer to another

Chapter and Verse English

Create audiobooks on your computer

Hamster Free eBook Converter English

Prepare your eBooks to read them on your favorite device

YACReader 9.6.2 English
YACReader 9.6.2

Very interesting comic reader

CoolReader 3.3.61 English
CoolReader 3.3.61

Read your eBooks on your computer

Equalify 1.4.3 English
Equalify 1.4.3

An equalizer designed specifically for Spotify

RadioMaximus 2.30.7 English
RadioMaximus 2.30.7

Radio receiver to listen to radios from all over the world on your PC

Alkitab Bible Study 5.0.1 English

Dig deeply into the Bible

BPBible English

Find any verse of the Bible

DVB Dream 3.7.1 English
DVB Dream 3.7.1

Multimedia player with a digital TV tuner

Megacubo 16.2.9 English
Megacubo 16.2.9

Great application to watch television on the Internet

GoSing 2.71 English
GoSing 2.71

A karaoke ideal to liven up any party

PyKaraoke 0.7.1 English
PyKaraoke 0.7.1

Take Karaoke to your computer's screen

KaraWin English

The most complete Karaoke software

Replay Music English
Replay Music

Record the audio being played on any web

RadioBOSS English

Convert your PC into a radio station

Desktop Google Reader English

Read your feeds from the desktop

My Internet TV 10.1 English

Your online TV player and manager

Live-RadioTV Toolbar English

Install a toolbar on your browser to play online TV and radio

Xe-YouTube V3 English

Access YouTube without a web browser

Nexus Radio 5.7 English

One of the best radio tuners at present

Stream TV 4.2 English

Watch hundreds of TV channels on your PC

Usenet Explorer 5.8.2 English

A complete multiserver news reader

Mp3tag 3.18 English
Mp3tag 3.18

Great tool to edit the metadata of audio files

Marauder 2.1.5b English
Marauder 2.1.5b

Kodi add-on for watching TV series and movies

Netflix Party 3.6.3 English

Synchronize Netflix streaming with your friends and family

Music Tag 2.10 English
Music Tag 2.10

Automatically tag your music in MP3 format

Sport365 English

Kodi plug-in to watch live sports

Calibre Portable 6.9.0 English

The portable version of the Calibre eReader

Icecream eBook Reader 5.24 English

eBook reader for your PC

iVoox English

Listen to your favorite radio programs whenever you want

TV Online Univ English
TV Online Univ

Watch loads of TV channels on your PC

Tune Sweeper 4.37 English

Software to manage your iTunes library

PopcornTimeFix English

Immediately solve all your problems with Popcorn Time

Online TV Player English

Hundreds of online TV channels

Vevo English

Access a wide range of music videos

Soundnode App 0.6.5 English

SoundCloud client for Windodws

Hulu Plus 2019.1121.132.0 English
Hulu Plus 2019.1121.132.0

TV à la carte

Waifu 3 0.3b English
Waifu 3 0.3b

Your favorite anime series at 720p and without downloads

8tracks English

Free music music collections via streaming

Flipboard English

Your social updates and subscriptions with the best presentation

Hyper: Downloader for YouTube English

Application that integrates YouTube into Windows

Music Collection English

Music collection organiser and manager

YouVue English

The best music videos directly on your PC

MovieHive 1.2.0 English
MovieHive 1.2.0

Personal video cataloging

BalloonRSS 2.9 English

Receive RSS notifications on your desktop

DVD Chief 2.20.694 English
DVD Chief 2.20.694

Catalog your DVDs, Blu-ray and video files

Tagalicious English

Edit the metadata of all your music

Tunatic 1.0.1b English
Tunatic 1.0.1b

Identify the artist and the name of the song in seconds

Sonos 4 6.6.7 English
Sonos 4 6.6.7

A multiband compressor and limiter for radio broadcasts

PlayOn 5.0.74 English
PlayOn 5.0.74

All your streaming accounts in one interface

Alfa Ebooks Manager 8.4.621 English

Classify all your eBooks

Lucidor English

Read eBooks on your computer

MComix 1.2.1 English
MComix 1.2.1

Image viewer specialized in reading comics

JukeREC 3.9.0 English
JukeREC 3.9.0

Record the broadcast from more than 2000 radio stations

BeatScanner 1.43 English

Detect your music's BPM

Daminion English

Advanced multimedia file cataloger

EBookME 2.6.7 English
EBookME 2.6.7

Create eBooks in Java

NotiPage 1.25 English
NotiPage 1.25

A comfortable way of being up to date of the latest innovations

XMLTV 1.0.0 English
XMLTV 1.0.0

Always know what you want to watch

Modern Popular Visual Series System 1.4 English

4,000 TV channels from all over the world on your PC

Hardata Dinesat Radio English

A radio station at home

e-Sword 13.3.0 English
e-Sword 13.3.0

The best software to study the Holy Bible

Feed Notifier 2.6 English

Receive the news feeds on your desktop

ComicRack 0.9.178 English
ComicRack 0.9.178

An incredible comic reader

phonostar 4.00.5 English
phonostar 4.00.5

Enjoy free radio from all over Internet

All My Books 5.3 English

Classify your entire library

FileBot 4.9.0 English
FileBot 4.9.0

Manage and rename your TV shows

Best Reader 9.0. English

Improve your level and increase the speed at which you read

Grooveshark 1.1.1 English

Listen to music on this platform without opening your browser

Movienizer 10.0 English

Easily create an encyclopedia of your favorite films

Jaangle 0.98i English
Jaangle 0.98i

Organize your music library with innovating features

FBReader 1.999.16.0 English
FBReader 1.999.16.0

Practical eBook reader for your PC

Ant Movie Catalog English

Very complete free film organizer