BeatScanner is a beats per minute detection program that has been especially developed to help people select music to go jogging. Download BeatScanner free

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When it comes down to running or jogging. many people like to listen to music, but in these cases it's a good idea to listen to songs that have a specific rhythm (to avoid accelerations and decelerations), that can be found out thanks to BeatScanner.

Just like many other beat analyzers, BeatScanner only needs the user to select the folder where the music collection is stored to start analyzing it. But unlike other similar programs, its final purpose isn't just to offer the information relevant to the BPM (Beats per minute).

The ideal music to keep the pace.

The general idea behind BeatScanner is to create playlists with the music following a set of beat speed parameters established by the user, because by simply choosing the speed and a small range variation, the program will automatically create playlists with the songs that meet them.

Furthermore, BeatScanner allows us to search for keywords in the playlists in its database. Thus, it's very easy to quickly find playlists that adapt to the running pace of each of its users as well as their musical taste.

Find the best music to go jogging thanks to BeatScanner.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires that both Windows Media Player 9 or above and Internet Explorer 5.5 or above are installed.
  • It's necessary to have an active Internet connection to search or share playlists.

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