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Organize and manage your music library with the help of SonicStage. Import your music and synchronize it with your devices, download SonicStage for free


High quality music manager with Sony's guarantee

March 31, 2010
6 / 10

Managing any MP3 library and its synchronization with the portable players that most people carry around nowadays inevitably requires a management application. SonicStage is the development by Sony, even though it isn't necessary to have one of their gadgets to use it.

Mange your music collection with Sony's solution

Like other similar applications, SonicStage has been conceived to import all kinds of music files and play them. That is why as soon as an audio CD is put into the drive, the application will allow us to choose if we want to rip it. Furthermore, it can import music from online music services, hard drives, and any storage device. Everything will be stored in the library in which we will be able to create compilations, lists or easily look for a song.

Although it works with any Sony gadget, the truth is that SonicStage allows us to synchronize the multimedia library with many other portable devices, as well as being able to burn any kind of music on a CD, whether in MP3, WAV, WMA, OMG, OMA, AA3, 3GP or M4A.

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