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MobileSheets is a program with which you can read and manage all your music scores, allowing you to import them from different channels in different formats


Music score reader for Windows 10

February 12, 2019
8 / 10

Are you a musician? Do you take your scores to rehearsals with your band? Tired of carrying around so many sheets of paper? If you've answered all these questions affirmatively and you've got a Surface (or you want to practice at home on your PC), MobileSheets is the solution you were looking for.

It's a score reader for all devices that run on Windows 10, that organizes all the written versions of your songs into a sort of multimedia library that works really well, although some of its drawbacks also have to be noticed.

For instance, its learning curve is quite steep making it almost a must to get hold of a program manual which we're offered as soon as we open the software for the very first time.

Another disadvantage is that this tool costs almost 13 euros in its Pro version, although we have to admit that we can activate a trial version until we decide whether we want to pay so much money or not.

How to read scores with MobileSheets?

MobileSheets allows you to bring along scores from different channels: from a local file, a CSV file, a PDF file or from cloud storage services of the likes of Dropbox or Google Drive, just to name a few examples.

Once you've chosen the file, the program will import it to your library of contents. Then, just double-click on it to open and read the score in order to practice or learn a specific song. As we said before, you can install it on a Surface and carry it around with you wherever you go which can be really useful for rehearsals.

Without a doubt, MobileSheets can definitely become your best friend if you're a musician and you know how to read scores (or guitar or bass tabs), so give it a chance if you can.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 10.
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