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Download the Shazam extension for Chrome to quickly identify and search for the lyrics or video of any audio or song captured through the internet browser


Identify songs from your PC

April 30, 2024
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Until a few years ago, identifying a song we liked in a commercial, on the radio, or in a bar, depended largely on how lucky we were to be with someone who knew what it was about or to hear the announcer say its name. That uncertainty is over with Shazam, the music identification and recognition app developed for Android and iPhone that we can now also download Shazam for PC thanks to this Chrome extension.

Although we may think that the natural environment for this software is the mobile app version, the truth is that it can also be used on a PC. Think about how you might be watching a TV channel from your browser, listening to the radio, or watching a YouTube video, and suddenly a song you like comes on: What song is it? Just use the Shazam button in Chrome to find out.

Shazam identifies one billion songs every month.

After identifying a song, the service connects to its online database to provide you with the main song data (name, author, and album). In addition, through Apple Music, you will be able to watch the video clip of the song if it has one, see the lyrics, listen to the song, or buy the song or the complete album to add it to your library.

Main features

  • Identifies any song playing from your Chrome browser tab.
  • Recognizes and identifies any tune: songs from the radio, commercials, tracks in YouTube videos, Netflix movies, Twitch streams, and more
  • You will be able to access the video clip, listen to the full song, or purchase it through Apple Music.
  • Enjoy the lyrics of your favorite songs.
  • Observe in which album(s) the songs identified by the service appear.
  • Find out how many times they have identified the same song.
  • You will be able to access related music and discover artists and music tailored to your preferences.
  • You will have a user profile with all the activity history.

Wondering what song is playing in that Netflix video or gameplay streamed on Twitch? If you download Shazam for PC, you will never be left in doubt again. In a second you can touch the button and identify the music in an instant.

What's new in the latest version

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Requirements and additional information:

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