eXtreme Movie Manager

If you are a movie and TV series lover you will surely have a large collection. Download eXtreme Movie Manager to be able to keep track of your collection

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The Internet has allowed the vast majority of users to be able to download hundreds of films and TV series episodes to their computers. The only problem that comes up due to this is that if we don't keep all of them properly ordered, it can actually end up being somewhat chaotic to find a specific file among all of them.

  eXtreme Movie Manager is an application developed to be able to keep control over our collection of films and TV series, allowing us to create index cards for each of them with all the relevant information , as well as their physical location.

  The most important aspects of this application are:

  - Manual or automatic input (by importing CSV files or information from specialized websites) of new database entries.

  - Function to download trailers from the Internet.

  - Capacity to read the chapters of a series from a DVD and add them automatically.

  - Customized entries for films, series and actors, with capacity to relate one with another.

  - Search by means of any field.

  If you want to keep your collection always in order, download eXtreme Movie Manager right now and create a big database with all your series and films.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version is limited to 50 movies and 50 series. Requires .NET Framework 4.0.
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