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Griffith is a film organizer that should be an essential tool for film lovers, because it allows them to keep their film collection organized and to have access to the information about each film whenever they want. It is very useful, specially due to the fact that it allows to carry out searches and filter the results depending on different criteria.

A manager for your multimedia collection

Together with the application we have the possibility to install a series of plug-ins, that are specific to each language, that will help us to obtain the data about each film. To do so, they access the information stored in sites like AnimeDB, DVD Empire, Moviefone, Allocine, IMDb, Kino, Cineteka, Culturalia or FilmAffinity.

Comfortably manage your movie collection.

Once our database has been created, Griffith offers us the possibility to backup the data, so as to be able to restore it whenever necessary. Furthermore, to make looking up in our catalog even easier, we will be able to export it to different formats among which we will find CSV, PDF, XML and HTML.

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Over a year ago
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