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With Movienizer you can manage and catalog your entire film collection. Download Movienizer for free and create an encyclopedia of your favorite films


Easily create an encyclopedia of your favorite films

March 31, 2019
7 / 10

Movienizer is a software application to catalog all your favorite films and actors. It is a complete application with which you will be able to order your film collection, view all the information about it, or create a registry of loans with which you can control who you have lent each film to.

Manage all your movies and videos

This cataloger has four basic sections: collection, films, people and searches. Thus we will be able to create collections, see all the information about the films and the actors and search for the films that we want to learn about. With a single click, we can download all the information that is available on the Internet about the film, actor or actress: descriptions, comments, images, editions, seasons, biographies, etc. Another very interesting feature that Movienizer offers is the loans registry, which will allow us to write down which films we have loaned, when and for how long, or keep track of the films that we have rented.

If you are a cinema lover and you want to have all your films ordered and cataloged, Movienizer is going to become your favorite program.

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