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Feed Notifier will allow you to find out the latest new and the website updates. Download Feed Notifier free and don't miss any news that happens worldwide

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The most Internet has grown, the more difficult is has become to follow all the new that happens daily and to pay attention to all the websites that you may find of interest, but thanks to the RSS and Atom feeds this has become a lot easier. To be able to receive these notifications on your desktop, the best thing is to use an application like Feed Notifier.

  This small application allows the users to see all the latest news from the websites that they follow, be it the information offered by a newspaper or the latest updates of the programs that they use. Feed Notifier occupies a space in the system tray and shows a window with all the updates, checking each page after a certain amount of time, minutes or hours depending on the specific settings for each site.

  The window with the information is very clear, with the exact time at which the news was published and the website that it has been received from. What's more, Feed Notifier allows the user to establish specific filters for the news that is received, and it can even block the new updates when the computer is idle for a certain amount of time, so as to avoid that you miss any notification.

  Therefore, if you want to be up-to-date with the latest new and the updates of your favorite websites, download and install Feed Notifier, it is free.
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