News and RSS Software for Windows

Gain access to all the breaking news and the latest information about any topic thanks to this selection of news and RSS software for Windows computers

Nextgen Reader English
Nextgen Reader

News reader for Windows 10

FeedLab English

Your application to not miss out on any news

Flipboard English

Your social updates and subscriptions with the best presentation

MSN Sports 4.28.3242.0 English
MSN Sports 4.28.3242.0

The app to follow sports news

Desktop Google Reader English

Read your feeds from the desktop

Newzie 0.99.9 English
Newzie 0.99.9

News aggregation, which can be used to monitor RSS and ATOM formatted feeds

BalloonRSS 2.9 English

Receive RSS notifications on your desktop

Snackr 0.41 English
Snackr 0.41

Your RSS feed subscriptions on your desktop

NotiPage 1.25 English
NotiPage 1.25

A comfortable way of being up to date of the latest innovations

Feed Notifier 2.6 English

Receive the news feeds on your desktop

FeedDemon English

Don't miss the latest updates of your favorite websites

NewsBin Pro 6.82 English
NewsBin Pro 6.82

Download any file from the Usenet news groups

Usenet Explorer 5.8.2 English

A complete multiserver news reader

Trusted News for Google Chrome 1.0.6 English

Only access true information

Feedreader 3.14 English

An RSS reader for your desktop

Hypegram 1.0.1 English
Hypegram 1.0.1

Hype Machine desktop client

WinRSS 5.22 English
WinRSS 5.22

The latest news in a browser windows

RSSDeck pre-Alpha English
RSSDeck pre-Alpha

Find out immediately about the latest RSS updates

RSS Publisher 1.95 English

Update and administrate your own RSS

NewsShark 2.0 English

Subscribe to newsgroups and easily download them to your computer

Google Reader Notifier 1.1.8 English

Always know what's happening in your Google Reader

News Messenger 4.0.3809 English
News Messenger 4.0.3809

Keep up to date with the all the latest important news

Bookmash 0.21 English
Bookmash 0.21

News and multimedia files presented in an elegant manner

RSS Wizard 4.00 English

The easiest way to generate RSS channels form a static page

WebSite-Watcher 2019 (19.2) English
WebSite-Watcher 2019 (19.2)

Monitor your favorite websites

TIFNY 5.03 English
TIFNY 5.03

Search and identify your preferences in your favorite news groups

RssReader English

Access the latest news without opening your browser

Xnews 6.08.28 English
Xnews 6.08.28

Fantastic news reader free for Windows

Grouper English

Complete RSS manager for your web

RSSOwl 2.2.1 English
RSSOwl 2.2.1

Make the most of the comfort of RSS feeds

RSS Bandit English
RSS Bandit

Excellent RSS feed reader