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News Messenger is a news reader compatible with Atom and RSS feeds. Download News Messenger free to stay informed without having to buy a single newspaper


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November 9, 2010
5 / 10

News Messenger is an application that will keep you informed about all the relevant information of the latest happenings, as you will be able to access the news from your PC's desktop.

Read the daily news from atom and RSS feeds, and even check the headlines and heading of the main digital newspapers on the Internet that don't offer support for RSS syndication, because News Messenger is capable of parsing an HTML page.

As soon as we launch the application, we can start reading the news. New Messenger launches as a window on the desktop with all the daily contents of the RSS and Atom feeds that we are subscribed to. What's more, it offers proxy server support.

With News Messenger you can forget about having to go out for the newspaper. You will easily be able to access the daily news on your computer from your favorite Atom and RSS feeds.By downloading News Messenger for free, you will replace turning the pages of the newspaper for the clicks of the mouse.

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