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Google Reader Notifier is a tool that will let you know each time that you have news in your Google Reader account. Download Google Reader Notifier free


Always know what's happening in your Google Reader

July 1, 2013
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Like most services by Google, Google Reader can be a very useful tool if we are looking to stay informed or need a system to easily read the daily news.

Stay informed thanks to Google Reader Notifier

But, as with other services provided by the Internet giant, a browser is needed to access it, something that isn't always convenient nor practical. This is exactly why utilities such as Google Reader Notifier are developed. This small tool is a desktop client for the service that will check our account and let us know whenever there is something new to read by showing us a banner and a sound that can be configured according to our taste.

The configuration consists of simply inputting our user name and password, as well as the time that we want the program to check our Google Reader account. We can also decide which feeds to notify about and which ones not to, and which browser we will use to access our account.

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