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News aggregation, which can be used to monitor RSS and ATOM formatted feeds

January 14, 2010
6 / 10

News systems by means of RSS are very comfortable to stay informed at all times of any theme, thanks to Internet, because it allows us to discover in a simple look, what has changed in our favorite web portals and blogs.

Newzie is a program that will help us to monitor RSS and Atom feeds, as well as other websites that don't offer these kind of services (allowing us to choose which contents we want the reader to synchronize), because the application checks our subscriptions every now and again, and lets us know each time something new happens.

The application has a priorities system thanks to which each one of the feeds will order automatically, according to our configuration. One of the most striking features is without doubt its interface, that is similar to that of a web browser, but with the difference of including a toolbar that has been specifically designed to work with RSS.

If you still don't have an RSS reader to help you find our any change or latest news in your favorite websites, download Newzie now, a simple, versatile and free tool.

Leticia Sorivella

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Scott McLure

Scott McLure