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RSS Bandit is a feed reader for your desktop. Read the latest information of interest as soon as it is published once you download RSS Bandit for free

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An RSS feed or simply RSS, is one of the most effective ways of subscribing that is used nowadays on the Internet. An RSS feed is a file created exclusively to save and index the updates of any web, so that with each new news article, post or publication, the RSS feed updates. And that is when RSS Bandit comes in handy.

  With RSS Bandit we will be able to subscribe as many RSS feeds as we want, thus, as soon as any of them update, we will know it on our desktop as if it were a notification of a new email.

  RSS Bandit allows you to browse by means of tabs and to download the RSS to read them without a connection, thus, we can update them in the morning and be disconnected during the rest of the day, which is very useful if we travel a lot or if we aren't going to have an Internet connection available.

  What's more, RSS Bandit has the option of searching for updates and generating a Top list. Allowing us to quickly access relevant information.

  Even though there are multiple RSS feed readers on the Internet and many programs that include one, it is always handy to have an application that has been exclusively designed to read RSS feeds.
RSS Bandit
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