MusicMatch Jukebox

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MusicMatch Jukebox offers the possibility to catalog and play all your MP3 music. With MusicMatch Jukebox you will also be able to easily rip and burn CDs


A complete player and cataloger for your music

January 21, 2019
7 / 10

The Jukebox was one of the most popular machines of the '50s and '60s because it allowed clients of many cafeterias, snack bars and pubs to play songs from a selection of vinyl singles, that were usually ordered by genre. In some countries, these machines are still popular in pubs and bars, but the classic vinyl has been changed for MP3 files.

One of the most practical applications to manage and play your music

Now we can enjoy something very similar on our computer, especially if we have an application like MusicMatch Jukebox, that can play almost any current digital audio file format, selecting the tracks from its library, allowing us to maintain our record collection in order.

The application not only allows us to listen to and order music, but it will also allow us to rip audio CDs to WAV or MP3 or burn compilations on a CD with our favorite songs from the program's window.

The program has an interface that can be customized by means of skins, as well as a function that allows us to minimize the player's size so that it is accessible, without being annoying, while we perform other tasks.

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