Software to watch online TV, movies and series on Windows

These programs to watch movies, TV series and television channels online offer you the latest movie premieres, the best shows and TV programs via streaming

Netflix English

Online TV and series on demand

Popcorn Time 6.0 English

Movies and series for free on your PC

Zona English

Much more than online movies and series

Hyper for YouTube English

Application that integrates YouTube into Windows

Flixtor 1.0 English
Flixtor 1.0

Wide range of online movies and series

MoreTV 3.53 English
MoreTV 3.53

Program to tune into the TV on your PC

Torrents Time English
Torrents Time

The plug-in to use Popcorn Time in your browser

WorldTV 7.1 English
WorldTV 7.1

Tune into TV channels and radio stations from all over the world

Stremio 3.6.5 English
Stremio 3.6.5

Online movies and series player

ZiggyTV 4.0 English
ZiggyTV 4.0

Access and download the best multimedia contents

TV 3L PC English

Live worldwide TV

Pelismagnet Beta English
Pelismagnet Beta

The Popcorn Time specialized in movies in Spanish

Wirecast 5.0.3 English
Wirecast 5.0.3

Broadcast your own signals on the Internet

Readon TV Movie Radio Player English

TV channels from all over the world at your disposal

JLC's Internet TV 1.1.0 English

Access hundreds of TV channels from your computer

TV Online Univ 3.100.4 English

Watch loads of TV channels on your PC

World TV and Radio Tuner 7.02 English

Access TV channels and radio stations from all over the World

DVB Dream 3.3 English

Multimedia player with a digital TV tuner

Tubecast English

YouTube client for Windows

StreamTorrent 1.0.0078 English
StreamTorrent 1.0.0078

Make the most of the torrent method's potential to watch TV

Live TV English

All the television in the world at your reach

AirParrot 2.7.4 English
AirParrot 2.7.4

Send your PC signal to a TV through Apple TV

Episode Downloader 3.1.4 English

Download your favorite TV series

The Smurfs 2 Video English
The Smurfs 2 Video

The most famous blue characters are back

AirStream 5.0.3 English
AirStream 5.0.3

Play files between your PC and your phone

YouTube TV English

YouTube's online television service

The Matrix Reloaded Trailer English

Trailer of the second instalment of the Matrix saga

Crackle English

Online movies and TV shows for free

MoviePanda 0.8.1 English
MoviePanda 0.8.1

Wide range of HD movies to watch online

PopcornTimeFix English

Immediately solve all your problems with Popcorn Time

PPLive English

Online TV system to view contents via streaming

ChrisTV Online! 10.40 English

Access all the TV and radio in the world from this brilliant program

TvAnts Build 0836 English
TvAnts Build 0836

Watch TV channels from all over the world on your PC

TVU Player Beta English
TVU Player Beta

The best proof that it's possible to watch quality TV online

SopCast 4.2.0 English
SopCast 4.2.0

A way of watching TV through the P2P network

UUSee 2012 7.12.323.1 English
UUSee 2012 7.12.323.1

Enjoy video streams totally free of charge

Megacubo 14.7.7 English
Megacubo 14.7.7

Great application to watch television on the Internet

SAM Broadcaster v2013.6 English

Carry out your radio broadcasts automatically

Tvosa 4.0 English
Tvosa 4.0

Tune into and record your favorite TV shows

FreeFilm Free Movies English

App to watch movies for free via streaming