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3.22.0 Download Rakuten TV for Windows and access movie premieres and the latest TV series. Wuaki.tv offers you plenty of HD contents in their original language
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Online and on-demand are the two future TV and movie mainstays. That's why Rakuten TV has decided to commit itself to this system with its official application that offers exclusively all sorts of contents.

Every day there are more users and more countries that opt for Wuaki.tv.

Undoubtedly inspired on Netflix and Hulu, Wuaki.tv allows you to access the latest movie premieres at its box office and the best TV series, when and however you want. You only need to sign up as a user and therefore enjoy access to contents with images in high quality.

What does Rakuten have to offer?

  • Watch movie premieres on-demand before any other platform offers them.
  • The best TV series.
  • Advanced system to search for contents.
  • Synchronize contents with any device compatible with the service.
  • HD contents and in their original language.

Download Rakuten TV and enjoy a totally legal service to watch movies and TV series on demand via streaming.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
3 months ago
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