Lucidor is a program to read eBooks comfortably on your computer. After downloading Lucidor for free you will be able to read your favorite books on your PC


Read eBooks on your computer

April 1, 2019
8 / 10

Each day it is more common to have books in digital format, many of them great classic novels that have been downloaded from the Internet, and to be able to read them you need to have a compatible device or a program such as Lucidor installed on your computer.

Light and easy-to-handle eBook reader

Lucidor bases great part of its power on the use of the Firefox or XULRunner engine to be able to show the digital books and perform searches on the Internet to find new books.

As well as being able to read the vast majority of digital books, in EPUB format, one of the aspects that makes Lucidor stand out is the possibility to transform the information received by means of an RSS feed and convert it to the main eBook format.

Catalog your entire eBook collection.

On the other hand, Lucidor includes its own cataloger and search engine, thus making it very easy to find the eBook your are searching for or a word within the text.

Download Lucidor and enjoy reading your favorite eBooks on your computer.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires Firefox 3.0 or above or XULRunner 1.9 or above to be installed on your computer.
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