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Alkitab Bible Study is a complete tool to study the Holy Bible. Take advantage of the functions of Alkitab Bible Study to understand the Holy Scriptures


Dig deeply into the Bible

February 11, 2022
7 / 10

The Holy Bible is a mainstay of the Christian religion, and studying it is a constant in the majority of fields. Alkitab Bible Study is a software application to study the Bible that includes two viewing modes, simple and parallel, that allows you to compare different translations in the same window. Furthermore, you'll be able to make comments, daily psalms, it has an internal search engine that uses Boolean operators, dictionaries, glossary, lexicon...

Software to study the Bible

Alkitab Bible Study is a software application that you can use and download totally free. It also offers you the possibility to use it with various plug-ins that will be able to expand its capacities. Its clear interface allows you to check the passages of the Bible with ease and the search options will allow anybody to find specific information.

This software also includes some additional books, like the King James's Bible, a Greek dictionary as well as a Hebrew one and Robinson's Morphological Dictionary.

Study the contents of the Bible in-depth with Alkitab Bible Study. Make the most of the double view, the powerful search options, the great number of resources and the possibility to add new plug-ins. Don't miss a single detail of the Christian religious tradition.

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