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Ant Movie Catalog is a tool for film lovers. Organize all your film collection no matter what format they are in once you download Ant Movie Catalog free

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Thanks to the Internet and the reduction in cost of some mediums, anyone that like cinema can have a rather decent film collection at home. The problem is that when that collection starts to grow at incredible speed, it's necessary to have a database where we can save all the information about each title.

  Ant Movie Catalog is a tool that will help us to manage a film collection, without taking into account the format or medium in which we have them. The program allows us to store all the information that is relevant to each entry (name, launching date, physical location of the film, cover,...)

  The main features of this application are:

  - Capacity to import data from various Internet websites.

  - Function to create reports and statistics.

  - Option to export the date as HTML or CSV.

  - Tools to order the entries depending on different aspects.

  - Loan manager.

  The interface may seem somewhat austere, but isn't at all complicated to use, because it has shortcuts available for all the important functions.

  Keep your film collection perfectly ordered, thanks to Ant Movie Catalog.
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