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Best Reader is a reading capacity training application. Learn how to read and understand a lot quicker by increasing your skill, download Best Reader

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Best Reader is a quick reading training software with all the techniques that are necessary to increase your reading speed and text comprehension in scarcely a couple of weeks. It is a group of exercises that have been specially designed to improve your reading capacity and your skills when working with written texts.

  The software developers state that it is capable of increasing anybody's reading level in 15 days of training. To do so it will evaluate your starting level and will create a specific training guide with two different groups of exercises: the first one destined to the improvement and development of your range of vision; and the second group centered on the development of fast reading skills. It will be a combination of both working systems and your daily effort that will allow you to increase your skills. An assistant will control all your evolution.

  The program advises that you practice at least one or two hours a day. If you are looking to improve your reading level, increase your speed, widen your field of sight and your degree of memory and even improve your IQ, you should try Best Reader.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version can used for 1 day since it is first launched.
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