e-Sword has been designed specifically to study the Holy Bible and compare its different translations to be able to deepen your knowledge about this book


The best software to study the Holy Bible

April 6, 2021
6 / 10

There are many people that spend their time studying the Bible all over the World, and there are multiple translations of its texts, with some small changes regarding concepts between one translation and another. To be able to compare these translations and complete a more in-depth study of the Christian Holy Scriptures, you can use e-Sword.

An application to study the bible

This application has been designed specifically to be used by theologists and Bible translators, and it focuses a large part of its potential on the comparative of contents between different versions of the Bible, and the original texts in Ancient Greek and Hebrew.

One of the most noteworthy things of e-Sword is the possibility to expand its potential by downloading multiple Bibles and additional dictionaries, some of which are paid products and others are free.

Get to know the Christian sacred sriptures in depth.

As well as texts and comments, you can also download a full collection of graphic help files in the form of old and modern maps of the areas that are mentioned in the Christian Holy Scriptures.

Therefore, if you want to complete an in-depth study of the Bible and you're interested in an application that will help you to do so, download and install e-Sword on your computer, it's free.

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