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Are you an electronic book consumer? Now with eBook Maestro you will be able to manage and create ebooks and what's more edit them. Dwnload eBook Manager

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With the new electronic book trendy, it is now a lot easier to reach the general public, we no longer have to find an editor to publish our book, because with eBook Maestro we can design the layout, edit and manage our own eBook, that we can then upload to the web for everyone to access.

  With eBook Maestro it's possible to edit an eBook so it has the exact layout that you want, furthermore, it includes security measures, like the possibility to include activation codes in the book, or the fact that the compiled book is copy protected, thanks to the program.

  Since lots of eBook readers allow audiobooks, eBook Maestro supports Speech APIs to create audio files or a section or the whole book. We can use a wide variety of HTML templates to personalize each book.

  Furthermore, eBook Maestro allows us to transform the eBook into an executable file, so that people that want to read the book directly from their computer can do so, without needing a program to read the book.
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