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Hamster Free eBook Converter will allow you to easily convert any text document to eBook. Download Hamster Free eBook Converter for free on your PC

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Nowadays it isn't at all strange to own a digital book reader, but many of those that are available on the market have different formats and sizes, thus it's advisable to have a good eBook converter to be able to read any book we acquire with the best possible experience, like Hamster Free eBook Converter.

To develop this easy-to-use converter, the designers at Hamster soft. have used the conversion engine that was implemented in Calibre, one of the most important eBook managers available on the current market.

Three simple steps

To be able to convert an eBook with Hamster Free eBook Converter all you will have to do is:

  1. Choose the books.
  2. Select the output device or format.
  3. Convert the documents.

The range of formats and devices with which Hamster Free eBook Converter is compatible is large, because you will be able to find the most important devices on the market, Amazon Kindle, iPad, Nook, PAGEone... and the most widely extended formats (TXT, PDF, ePUB, HTMLZ...).

Therefore, if you want to have a quick and, at the same time, very functional converter due to the compatibility that it offers, you only have to download Hamster Free eBook Converter.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires an Internet connection to install the application.
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