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Replay Music records the music that you listen to on Spotify. Enjoy your favorite songs once you download Replay Music and save the songs in MP3 format


Record the audio being played on any web

February 5, 2016
7 / 10

Replay Music allows you to record the music played on different Internet services like Goear. Download Replay Music and try it out for free.

A free alternative to Spotify

One of the programs that has revolutionized the world of music on the Internet, has been without a doubt, Spotify. This kind of evolved digital radio has one major drawback, and that is that unless you have a premium subscription you can't access the songs without an Internet connection and you have to put up with the adverts.

Due to this drawback, several applications have started to appear, like Spotify Ripper and Replay Music, that allow you to record what you are listening to on Spotify and other programs.

A program to rip and organize music on Spotify.

Using Replay Music is very easy. All you have to do is launch it, choose the quality of the audio recording from those offered by the program and press "Start Recording". Following this, the application will start to generate the MP3 file for each song. But even better, the program will try to identify each song and tag it appropriately with details like title, author, album, singer, etc.

To get good recording quality you have to make sure that you select the "Audio Driver" as the input source from the application's menu.

Replay Music is compatible with the majority of sound cards.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a trial version that can only be used to record 25 songs.

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