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Karafun is a complete program to sing your favorite songs as a Karaoke. Download Karafun Player for free and rehearse your favorite songs on your computer


Much more than just a karaoke

January 21, 2019
7 / 10

The great popularity that Karaoke has in parties in some countries (especially in the Far East) has favored the development of many applications with which we can enjoy this entertainment with a simple computer, Karafun is one of them, that integrates quite a few innovations.

Karaoke program for Windows PC

Some of the innovations that Karafun Player includes, compared to other Karaoke applications, have to do with the complete song editor that it integrates as well as some of the social network features that it also integrates.

Karafun can play quite a few audio formats that have been developed for Karaoke like KAR, KOK, LRC or KFN, what's more, it can be used in training mode to detect the user's voice in real time.

As well as being able to add any song, this program allows you to buy songs and share your customized songs (we must remember that it includes an editor) with any of the users of the social network that it integrates.

So if you want to have a good time singing Karaoke, this application will allow you to enjoy this pastime on your computer, as well as sharing your songs with other users.

Antony Peel

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