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Free Alarm Clock is a simple tool to create alarms on your own Windows computer. Adjust the time of the alarm and don't forget about your important tasks


Turn your PC into an alarm clock

February 24, 2017
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We all hate the damn sound of an alarm clock. That sound that tears us away from our comfortable warm sheets to throw us into the cold real world. But it's totally necessary, and you can now put one on your computer thanks to this tool.

On time, wherever you go

Free Alarm Clock allows you to schedule as many alarms as you want in a simple and quick manner. Just click on "Add" and choose the time. You can set fixed alarms, one-off alarms or for specific days of the week (from Monday to Friday, for instance). To get rid of them, just click on them and select "Remove". From the upper menu, you can copy and edit alarms.

A free alarm clock, with plenty of easy-to-use functions.

A customizable alarm clock for your PC

Furthermore, this tool allows us to write a message next to the alarm to remind you about the reason of the notification or to simply wake you up with a smile writing down some motivational words. You can choose between the default sound or select your own MP3 file from your PC.

And what happens if your PC is hibernating when it's time to set off the alarm? No problem at all, the alarm will ring and you'll be able to switch it off or postpone it as many times as you want. The same thing happens if you have turned down the volume of your computer: it works independently and will ring regardless of whether your sound card is muted, just like in your worst nightmares.

If you still don't think that's enough, this program is portable so you can download all your alarms to a USB stick and run it on any platform. If that has convinced you just get hold of this peculiar digital alarm clock to wake up as happy as possible every morning.

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