Practice the Pomodoro technique to be more productive at work with Tomighty. Combine resting times and activity, you just have to download Tomighty for free


Be more productive thanks to the Pomodoro method

October 26, 2017
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The Pomodoro technique intends to increase the productivity of your work by controlling your work and the rests that you take. Tomighty is a simple tool to help you to put this renowned technique in motion.

Practice the Pomodoro technique to increase your productivity

For the moment Tomighty is nothing else than a chronometer located on the system tray that indicates the time that you have left before a rest. There are 25 minutes in which you have to do as much work as possible. Once the countdown has finished you will be able to take a rest, very short, 5 minutes, or longer, 15 minutes.

All these time intervals are recommended by this technique, but you can adjust them to your own liking and needs. Combine the working periods with rests to manage an increase in your productivity.

The developers of this application would like in the future to include a task manager and an activity report generator. You'll have the possibility to change the appearance by means of four different skins, and it is possible to customize the notification sounds. Download Tomighty for free and start working!

Antony Peel

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