Free Chess


Enjoy a good game of chess by downloading Free Chess for free. Train your brain and face the computer playing a few games of chess with Free Chess


A free chess game for Windows

April 22, 2021
7 / 10

Free Chess is a free game of chess for Windows with high quality graphics and excellent playability. Furthermore, it comes along with an improved opening system.

Face your PC playing a game of chess.

Chess is an entertainment that has been around for centuries and that's perfect for all age groups. Competitiveness, intelligence and skill when it comes to thinking up strategies are the keys to winning. The game is so popular that it has been adapted to almost all platforms. Free Chess is an application for Windows that will allow us to face our CPU as many times as we want.

Just the right amount of options

This application doesn't come along a large amount of functions, but it has just enough to start a game and enjoy this classic pastime:

  • You can play with a very effective 3D view.
  • Allows us to configure several levels of difficulty, so the game will generate increasingly difficult and complicated moves, while it also tries to defend them.
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