Governor of Poker

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Governor of Poker is a game that combines adventures with Poker. Avoid that the Texas governor prohibits Poker by downloading Governor of Poker to your PC

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Poker may seem to be a cult game in the state of Texas. But despite this fact, the authorities are willing to diminish the right of its citizens to keep on enjoying this popular card game by forbidding it. Things are very clear to your character: Texas isn't anything without its poker games.

Say no to the prohibition

Governor of Poker is an addictive card game with a simple aim: prove your skill and become the Governor of Poker of the state to revert the decision taken by the Texas gaming and gambling committee, that has declared the pastime illegal:

  • Move around the Wild West and get used to the real poker culture.
  • Visit dozens of cities proving your card skills against more than 100 different opponents.
  • Take part in multiple poker tournaments and win the best prizes possible: you'll even be able to create your own competitions.
  • Advance in the game to unblock all kinds of tricks. Check your game statistics in the section for that purpose.

The saver of the game!

Your objective is simple: you'll have to become the Governor of Poker of the state of Texas and thus represent the movement against the game's ban. Only by growing as a player and moving up the ranking by taking part in bigger tournaments will you be able to gain the respect necessary to take on such an important role. You'll be able to choose if your character will be a man or a woman, as well as the hat that you'll wear at the poker table.

Feel the spirit of the Wild West

Your games will be really addictive, thanks to the artificial intelligence that the opponents have, that will guarantee poker games that will seem real, always using different tactics. Furthermore, Governor of Poker combines gambling and adventures, thus you'll have to move all around the map of Texas to interact with the inhabitants of each city.

Any poker lover will have a great time with this great 3D game. If you like card games, and specially poker, Governor of Poker is the game that you were looking for.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The installation process requires an Internet connection.
  • The trial version allows to play for 1 hour.
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Antony Peel
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