Free RAR Extract Frog


Free RAR Extract Frog is a tool to work with RAR files. With an entertaining and customizable interface, easily expand all your RAR files free of charge


Decompress your RAR file free

March 31, 2019
7 / 10

Free RAR Extract Frog will allow you to expand files that have been compressed with the popular RAR format. If you want to have a useful tool with which to work with RAR files available, Free RAR Extract Frog is the most efficient option. In a couple of clicks, you will have all the expanded file in one of the system's folder.

Simple application to work with RAR files

The RAR files have a very high compression format and with fewer errors. This format is very popular and it is essential to have a program with which it will be possible to expand them. Free RAR Extract Frog will allow you to expand the files very easily and free of charge. You will only have to press the Unrar button and select the file that you want to expand. After that, you will have to choose a folder in which you want to save them or if you want Free RAR Extract Frog to create a folder with the same name as the file. And in a few seconds, you will have expanded the file.

Free RAR Extract Frog also allows you to customize its interface with various themes that you will be able to download from its website. What's more, you can try to decompress the files that have password protection.

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