Place your data under protection. Download FullSync, create backups and upload them to a server. With FullSync you will no longer lose any information

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If you need a tool to generate backups that is simple yet powerful, FullSync is a software application that you should try out. This brilliant Java development offers the most usual features and it launches them in the most quiet, quick and easy way possible.

  With FullSync we'll be able to program as many backup profiles as we want. Basically, we'll have to indicate where we want to copy a set of files or folders and it will do so periodically or when indicated. One of the advantages of FullSync is that it's capable of sending these backups to a remote server, thus achieving much more security.

  The remote connection protocols that it supports, among others, FTP and SFTP and its configuration is so easy as to indicate the addresses and the user accounts that have to be used for each one. It will make sure that everything is properly saved wherever we tell it to store the information.

  The information is really clear, makes reading and launching any task easy, and allows us to configure everything to our own liking. Use FullSync and make sure that you don't accidentally lose any files.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have Java installed.
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