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Google Earth allows you to travel around the planet and see images anywhere in the world. Virtually visit cities, oceans and the Moon with Google Earth

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Google Earth is an interesting application that allows you to view images in three dimensions from anywhere in the world. By means of maps, satellite images and with information from the Google search engine, you'll be able to visit each corner of the planet on your Linux, and even go as far as the Moon and Mars.

  To start using Google Earth you have to type in the place where you want it to take you. By means of a 3D flight it will show you the city or site, and you will be able to get as close as you want. You will have the possibility to type in a destination and Google Earth will tell you how to get there by various methods. You'll be able to store your favorite places, check the most important monuments at a specific site and visit the Moon or Mars.

  Google Earth also allows the collaboration between all users, because you can see the images uploaded by other people and add the photographs that you have taken during your last trip. But there are even more: you can complete a simulated flight and fly around the globe as if you were flying a plane.

  Open a window on your computer to the rest of the planet with Google Earth.
Requirements and additional information:
Only compatible with systems based on Debian/Ubuntu.
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